Soft Cover Handmade Notebook Journal, Thick Jumbo size


Handmade Lokta-Paper Notebook
Unique Handmade Product
  • Soft Cover Natural Lokta Paper Journal
  • 100% Vegetable Dyed
  • 240 Deckled Edged Pages
  • Size: 5x8 inches.
  • Acid-free
  • Suitable for fine liners, gel pens & pencil

These beautiful handmade journals make for a perfect gift for yourself or for others!
The books are sewn and crafted together using natural handmade paper made from the lokta plant. 

Lokta paper is made from the inner bark of the Daphne Bush, which grows in the mountains of Nepal. After harvesting, the bark regenerates and no deforestation occurs. The resulting paper is thus environmentally sound as well as acid free.

*As these books are handmade, each book will be unique and dimensions may differ by a few millimetres*

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