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Artists Bhutanese Handmade Paper, 16x28cm (pack of 5)


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Artists Bhutanese Paper, x5 Sheets

Bhutanese lokta paper is a robust and durable paper, which makes it ideal for ink, gouache, pastel, calligraphy, printmaking and bookbinding.

  • Pack of x5 sheets
  • Each sheet: 16x28cm
  • Weight: 180GSM
  • Medium Smooth Surface
  • Acid free

Artists’ handmade paper, made in Bhutan. This quality artist resho paper is made from the bast fibre of de-nar lokta, resulting in a darker toned and harder surface than typical Nepalese lokta paper. The paper is made in the traditional Himalayan 'floating mould' way, where the pulp is poured onto the paper frame . The mould is then left in the sun to dry naturally, imparting a slightly textured laid pattern throughout the fine crisp paper. 



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