Boxed Guestbook, Kraft Vintage Wedding Guestbook, Natural Lokta Sewn Pages


Handmade Lokta Guestbook with Storage Box
Unique Wedding Guestbook

230mmx180mm (9x7") Guestbook

- 48 sheets of pure natural Lokta paper
- Natural textured surface
- Hardboard outer casing
- Hand-sewn binding
- Handmade storage box

This stunning vintage style guestbook is handmade in Nepal. The inside pages, the book itself and the storage box are crafted by hand in order to create this unique lokta paper guestbook. The pages are suitable for writing on in pencil and low bleed inks and roller ball pens have been tested on the paper with excellent results. As the book and storage box are coated in tanned lokta paper, you can personalise or embellish this book to your own tastes or create a special gift for somebody else. As the storage box is crafted using thick boards, it is sure to keep your unique book safe for years to come.