Buffalo Real Leather Journal, Notebook, Scrapbook, Travel Journal, Natural Lokta pages


Handmade Real Leather Notebook
Unique Handmade Product

Small - 100mmx140mm
Medium - 115mmx160mm
Large - 160mmx205mm
XL - 190mmx270mm

96 Feather Edged Pages
600 gram Lokta Paper
Suitable for fine liners, gel pens & pencil
Leather Belt Retainer

These beautiful handmade journals make for a perfect gift for yourself or for others!
Encased in hand cut buffalo leather, the books are sewn and crafted together using natural handmade paper made from the Lokta plant. 4 size choices means that your choice of book can serve as a secret diary, an everyday journal or even a unique project book/sketchbook.

*As these books are handmade, each book will be unique and dimensions may differ by a few millimetres*

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