A6 Natural Lokta Paper Clean Cut Sheets - pack of 100


A6 Clean Cut Lokta Paper
Pack of 100 sheets
Approx 60GSM

Handmade paper from Nepal, these natural papers are ideal for paper arts and crafts, wedding stationery, collaging and writing*. The clean cut edges also make it suitable for inkjet and laser printers.

Lokta paper is made from the inner bark of the Daphne Bush, which grows high in the mountains of Nepal. After harvesting, the bark regenerates and no deforestation occurs. The restulting paper is thus environmentally sound, as well as acid free.

In Nepal the traditional art of paper making has been handed down from generation to generation in a rural economy that is dependent on the craftsman's skill. The production of lokta contributes to an economic enterprise that helps to preserve a traditional way of life for forthcoming generations.

*We recommend gel pens or fine liners for writing

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